How your T-shirts can express yourself ?

The eminent editor in chief of Elle magazine Nina Garcia once said “Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself”. I live by this quote as your clothes are the way you want to portray yourself in front of the outside world standing by your foundation and cultural values. We cannot deny the fact that the clothes we wear certainly do impact our mindset, mood and confidence. You should embrace the amount of choices that are offered by the fashion industry, remembering the fact that what you wear is not simply to cover yourself but to make a fashion statement in front of your audience. In today's day and age, finding ways to express yourself might be hard at times. Many facets of our lives have been dictated by societal standards about how you should look, act, or sometimes even feel for that matter.

While most of us appreciate and strive to imitate other people's looks, attempting to be more like them, leading in the way you dress and express yourself can be detrimental to your self-esteem in the long run, impeding you from designing a distinctive style that allows you to truly be yourself. After all, you were made a one-of-a-kind human being; why aspire to be someone else? If being honest to your individuality and having that feel good factor with your clothing style is something you're new to, then let me ease you out from this process.

At Dialtee we aim to assist you to "Create your own style. Letting it be unique for yourself, and yet identifiable for others." Correctly remarked by the talented Anna Wintour, Editor in chief of the American Vogue magazine. Looking really good doesn't have to be challenging, and sometimes the most concise appearances are the most impressive. Having a bunch of colourful t-shirts is regarded as a wardrobe essential for a reason. Dialtee as a brand just does not want to serve its customers the ordinary that you would get on silver plate offered by a myriad of brands but adds value to their products with having a variety of options to choose from like Printed tees, Meme tees, Bike tees, Holi tees and Zodiac tees.

 memes t-shirts

So why keep your fashion boring when you can look adoring? Recently the internet has been storming with the new gen z form of humour called ‘memes’. It has become the most trending approach towards entertainment and has subtly been inculcated in our everyday life via various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The millennials like to keep their lives very interesting, not allowing them to go into a state of boredom. The meme tees that Dialtee offers are in a variety of languages like Hindi, English and Punjabi satisfying our customer base making it the apple of the eye for everyone. Fashion is not always about playing safe or being cliché but about trying to be unique and daring showcasing your own personality with the outfits you wear.

The liberty that accompanies with self-expression is incredible, and it leads to a happier version of yourself. People will notice when you glow. Celebrities are usually identified and admired for their sense of fashion-Billie Eilish is known for wearing two-piece couture outfits that are large. The pop R&B queen Rihanna is a big fan of tees and has her own collection of them for various occasions. Her ability to mix and match them with other directional pieces is incredible. She can be seen wearing plain and vintage printed t-shirts, as well as ones that have been personalised. If graphically customised t-shirts are your thing, or if you have a polo neck or crewneck collection that you appreciate, then go for it. Don't be shy; get out there and conquer the world.


 Ultimately the main goal for us at Dialtee is to help you express your style by choosing pieces that truly speak to your inner self and complimenting you in the best possible manner. You could be bold with your choices making you more elated from within or just keep it classic with your simple styling. We, as a responsible brand like to support our clients to purchase long-lasting products, while exhibiting their authentic self in a phenomenal way helping all of us to contribute to ethical and sustainable fashion helping the environment for the future.

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