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 "So High" by Sidhu Moosewala

Sidhu  Mose wala


The most popular Punjabi song is "So High" by Sidhu Moosewala. The music for the Punjabi song was provided by BYG BYRD, with lyrics written by the singer Sidhu Moosewala. The music label that released the intriguing track "SO HIGH" is named Humble Music.

After the release of his song "So High," Sidhu Moose Wala became very well known. Sidhu Moose Wala is glorifying himself in this song. He is telling us how humble he is, how his lofty speeches go over other people's heads, and how his success makes noise.  "So High" by Sidhu Moosewala also demonstrated how celebrities worry about the quantity of songs Sidhu Moosewala releases each month!

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 So High Lyrics and Translation 

Yeah, Byg Byrd is hot! 

I’m a brown boy! 

Tu gabru nu maan ya na maan alhade 

Aakh 12 gauge di shotgun alhade 

Believe or do not believe in the guy, girl.

His eyes are like a 12-gauge shotgun, girl.

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 Dillan te nishane sidhe maardi aa (x2)

They directly shoot at the heart.Ho sir utton lang’an fly karke 

Uchiyan ne gallan tere yaar diyan (x3) 

Fly over the head

The things about your guy

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Ho dukki tikki poori thok thok rakhda 

Danger te jaan lewa shonk rakhda 

Doori foot di bana ke madeer khad’di

Dab vich bhar ke glauk rakhda (x2)

I beat up and keep the small gangsters under his control.

My hobbies are dangerous and life-threatening.

The guys' group keeps a distance of about a foot from me.

I keep a loaded gun in hand.

Ho khoon nu daleri rehndi pump kardi

Lo rider sadak utte jump kardi

Alhadan de seene thardi aa 

Prowess pumps in my blood

My low-rider jumps on the roads 

The girls leave with a cold sigh (lovingly).

Ho sir utton langan fly karke

Fly over the head

Uchiyan ne gallan tere yaar diyan (x3) 

The things about your guy 

Ho naam kare shine jive dhupp baliye.

Moohan utte rakhde aan chup baliye

Success rehndi shehar vich shor kardi

Sada top te bandookan da group baliye (x2) My name shines like sunlight.

I do not speak about it.

My success makes noise in the city.

I’ve got a top group of gunners.

Jihna jihna naal meri yaari alhade 

Maaru hathyar de shikari alhade 

Dharti te suttde ne paar diyan.

All those who are my friends, girl

They are all hunters with top weapons.

They beat everyone to the ground, no matter where one is.

Ho sir utton langan fly karke

Fly over the head 

Uchiyan ne gallan tere yaar diyan (x3) 

The things about your guy

 Ho karda Kanneda vichon deal sohniye

Munda poori gangsta appeal sohniye 

Jadon Maheene Vich Chaar Chaar Geet Sitda

Karde star bad feel sohniye (x2) 

The guy deals in Canada.

The guy has got the gangster appeal.

Since he releases four songs in a month 

The stars feel bad.

Jo copycat bane geetkar saale ne 

Paad paad sitne aa Moose Wala ne 

Rakhde si neetan aivein khar diyan.

Those who copy and create songs Moose Wala (singer) beats them up

The ones who keep bad intentions 

Ho sir utton langan fly karke 

Fly over the head

Uchiyan ne gallan tere yaar diyan (x3)

The things about your guy

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 Nigahan katil ne dillan nu thag de aan

Sada din vich naam bole raatan nu jagde aan

Koi kithe maar karu behti rag rag de aan 

Ho teri jithe soch muke assi sochan lagde aan

The killer eyes con the heart.

They take my name during the day, and I’m awake at night.

Who’s planning to beat me and where? I know everything.

Where your thoughts stop, that’s where I start thinking.

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