T-Shirts in India – Then and Now

Have you ever thought to yourself about how you could not only uplift your mood by wearing a fun tee but also bestow the environment in a positive way? Giorgio Armani once said “I've always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet.” T-shirts in India are like a blank canvas that is eternally versatile. One classy outfit can help you gain recognition for the way you dress up and style for the rest of your life.

You may be wondering how Printed T-shirts have become plays such an essential role in the Indian and western culture and the fashion industry too. Originally intended as a layering piece, the t-shirt has evolved into the most widely worn and strongest item of clothing. As the world revolutionizes, we as humans increase our wants every single day and have this particular urge to buy apparel that is extremely trendy on all social media platforms.

Printed T-shirt Positive Thinking

A few decades ago getting ready for work was a herculean task as it was very necessary to choose the right outfit and look presentable front of your colleagues and managers. You had to wear a proper suit with a tie, sometimes a coat too but ladies and gentlemen, I got you here. Trying to determine what makes a suitable workwear outfit can be slightly daunting with the new work from home environment with this Covid-19 pandemic at hand. So what if you did not have to wake up every morning being flustered about figuring out your outfit for the day? What if you exactly knew which t-shirt went well with which denims as it has now become your new business casual, replacing all your old shirts and making you love all the clothes you own in your closet?

Moreover being a part of the Gen Z era makes everything much more livelier and fun as there has been a high rise in the demand of t-shirts in India than shirts since it has started to fall not only under the informal but formal wear too. Today t-shirts have become the most fashionable and comfortable fits as the internet has given access to a multitude of designs to choose from. The wardrobe essential has progressed from its primary purpose and is now a fantastic and multifaceted tool for self-expression through many different customized memes t-shirts like slogans, messages, protests and commercial ads helping you have your own personal touch to it.

bade harami ho beta tshirt

I know for a fact that people love following trends and what is better than having a company that lets you add value to this. So let me introduce you to one of the most popular t-shirt brands based in Delhi called Dialtee. It has established a lifestyle brand for all generations who are natural enthusiasts and extremely expressive. It opened its very first doors in October’2020 in Delhi and has been inspired by the opportunity to create a truly personalized online t-shirt shopping experience, helping you find clothing that fits your taste, budget, form, and lifestyle making the entire process a child’s play. They are the manufacturers of the t-shirts and help you plain collar t-shirts as per the trends, also giving you the opportunity for on demand customization. They have a large variety of printed t-shirts with vibrant colours and hilarious catchphrases to make you smile when you wear their tees.

plain collar tshirt

Their customers usually prefer to stand out from the crowd as they like to dress with a sense of adventure because fashion is very significant to them. Dialtee is a gateway of exploration, a glimpse into the future. A place where you could both lose and find yourself. They aim to be your go to for the most comfortable cotton t-shirts in your wardrobe, regardless of your style as helping you find the right match and perfect taste. The fit can vary slightly depending on the structure and form of each silhouette. Their product offering consists of men, women and kid’s t-shirts in India and is tailored to their five different attributes: soft and delicate, graphic trendy, elegant classic, and modern sporty. If you are looking for a pocket friendly gifting option for your loved ones, Dialtee is the right place.


To keep up with the quick fashion trends in an age of instant digitalization, Dialtee promotes sustainable fashion with our low-waste design process called “one tee, one tree” which means that with every t-shirt you buy, there comes a dilutable seed paper that can be sowed anywhere in the mud. An eco-friendly brand with a difference where you get your hands on tee and plant a tree. They create a product that you will not only enjoy wearing on the inside but also on the out. Dialtee hold the same values of justice, accountability, and hope to ensure that their staff and customers enjoy the entire service without having any sort of difficulty.


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