Top 10 Winter Tourist places in India to visit in 2023

Winter Tourist Places to Visit  in Winter 2023

The most beloved season is winter and let's know about the most beloved winter tourist places. It’s the perfect time of year to leave your comfy beds and make the most of the season. Are you one of those people who enjoys visiting picturesque locations, particularly in the colder months? These top 10 winter tourist places in India would then undoubtedly calm your soul.

From the enchanted Kashmir to the tranquil Auli, there are several winter tourist places in India that will take your breath away. Find out more about the best locations to visit in India during the winter by reading the article below.

1. Gulmarg, Kashmir-Winter Tourist destination 


Gulmarg is the first winter tourist place that comes to mind when considering the best winter tourist destinations in India. Every season of the year, this hill town has a mystical charm. However, the wintertime brings out even more of its splendor.

The area is ideal for snowboarding and skiing thanks to the frozen lakes and snowy surroundings. Indeed, it is the ideal winter tourist places location for anyone looking for tranquility and refreshment.

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Shimla, Himachal Pradesh winter tourist places

Those who enjoy seeing snowfall should undoubtedly go to Shimlamshimla is known as a winter tourist place in India, Shimla is one of the most well-known hill towns, it has breathtaking air and ambiance. The snow-covered slopes and woodlands often provide a variety of adventurous activities, Snow covered mountains is a big attraction in winter for tourists so Shimla is also the best winter tourist place  in winter

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Auli, Uttarakhand winter tourist places in Uttarakhand

There is no doubt that Auli is the best skiing location and winter toirist place in India . The ambiance of this location is enhanced by the beautiful peaks of Neelkanth, Mana Parbat, and Nanda Devi. Auli is the perfect winter tourist place and attraction  because of its picturesque snowy vistas and verdant valleys

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Goa winter tourist places in India for fun, adventure, and tranquillity

Goa, a winter tourist place India’s party epicenter, gives you plenty of energy in the winter. Goa is the ideal destination to celebrate and ring in the new year, whether it’s for a New Year or Christmas party.

Goa has it all, from a comfortable temperature to tranquil beaches to exhilarating nightclubs and parties. The Goa Film Festival and Carnival are both adored by tourists, A  winter tourist place for people from all across the country and abroad.

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Manali Tourist spot furing Winters

India’s most popular hill towns is a lovely place to go on vacation in the winter. The snowy wonderland doesn’t need to be introduced because everyone is aware of its splendor. We all look forward to visiting Manali, as it is known as the most popular winter tourist place once in our lifetimes, and the greatest time to do it is during the winter.

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Wayanad, Kerala

If you wish to visit tourist destinations in the winter but can’t handle the bitter cold, head on to Wayanad is a winter tourist place for people from north India.  The Western Ghats surround this idyllic site, which provides all the amenities a traveller might want. Wayanad is a must-visit winter tourist place in India due to its unique bird-watching locations and hiking paths.

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Puducherry winter Tourist attraction in India

One of the most romantic travel destinations in India in the winter is Puducherry. The calm atmosphere of this seaside city is enhanced by the calm weather and mild but pleasant temperatures. Explore all the interesting spots in Puducherry and try French cuisine.


Jaisalmer, Rajasthan Winter Tourist Place

Jaisalmer cannot be visited in the summer because it is too hot and muggy. Winters are hence the ideal season to explore this arid city. There is a lot to discover in Jaisalmer, from camel rides to quad biking to paragliding. The Desert Festival and Kuldhara Village will introduce you to the local traditions.

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Nainital, Uttarakhand

You will be astounded by the serenity and calmness that the lake district of Uttarakhand offers. As one of India’s best winter tourist spots, Nainital is blessed with stunning lakes and magnificent scenery.

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