About Us

The brand name defines itself on its own. Dialtee means dial-for-a-tee. The brand has come up with a unique concept of customized cotton t-shirts. The brand allows bringing your creative thoughts to the t-shirts with no questions. Whatever you want to be printed, whether it’s your favorite canvas or the first digital painting, or perhaps your parent’s best picture, Dialtee will get it printed for you on the t-shirt.

 The brand runs with a thought process: if you can make it, we can print it for you. The main agenda of our brand is to promote one’s creativity through t-shirts. All our t-shirts are creatively made by top professionals and designers who are well in their careers and want to showcase their creativity on a piece of cloth.

 Not just this, we are a brand that promotes sustainability and eco-friendliness. All our t-shirts come are pure cotton, which does not become a part of landfills. The durability of the t-shirts is our guarantee which reduces the need for extra production, and last but not least, we deliver a pack of seeds with our t-shirts to encourage tree plantation. The initiative is called. ‘One Tee, One Tree.’


If creative thoughts and environment-friendliness are a priority for choosing a fashion brand, you have landed on the right page. Explore the website and order your favorite tee.


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141 basement, Pocket A8, Swapan Kunj, Kalkaji extn, New Delhi 110019